Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Check In

I am sooooo sorry that I missed last week - so sorry! It was a crazy week, and then when I did weigh in, I had gained ... so I was a bit depressed.

BUT, as this is an accountability system, that is no excuse.

So, please forgive me.

OK, this has to be VERY quick as I am headed to the airport soon to pick up my mommy. And then, later this afternoon, she and I are headed to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Yesiree - I am gonna get me a stamp on my passport!

So, last week I started P90X with a friend around the corner ... and I gained 1.2! Everyone tells me that it's because of the strength training building the muscles. But I was still bummed.

This week we started a couch to 5K program on top of that AND I did a Slaughter Boot Camp workout! And I got shin splints. Lovely.

BUT, I am down from last week and am .2 from being completely caught up to wear I was three weeks ago, so I am thrilled! All together that would be 32 since January! YAY!!!

So, how did you do? Are you stayin strong? If not, let us know how we can be there to support you. If so, let us know how we can cheer you on!

If you think about it this week, please pray for me. I will have absolutely NO control over food so it's gonna be all in portions and such. I did call and make sure that the hotel has a gym and a pool, so no excuses. Also, please pray for my little family while I'm away. The girls will be doing VBS next week so it will hopefully keep them busy. But, Sophie is a total Mama's girl and Hattie, well, Hattie is gonna need some prayers as it will all be a huge transition. And my man, well he is patient and kind, so I know he will be OK, but please pray for him. Thank you so much!

OK, sound off ... ready, GO!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Check In

OK ... let me just say that I broke TWO rules this week. I completely failed on my water intake (especially over the weekend) and I weighed myself on Tuesday.


I am soooooo fired.

But, I really amped up the workouts this week. And it seemed to pay off.

After the weekend, I knew that it was not gonna be pretty and when I weighed on Tuesday AM I was UP THREE POUNDS! YIKES! So I kicked the workouts into high gear and really watched what I ate, but again, totally failed on the water part. I REALLY need to work on getting it all together at the same time!

OK, so after all of that, I weighed this morning - I had lost since Tuesday, but am still up .4 from where I was last week. I am OK with that though because I know what I did wrong and am determined to fix it.

Also, on Thursday I did a MAJOR workout - Slaughter Boot Camp. It's a military style workout with obstacle courses, running with sandbags, up downs and everything. THEN, I got up this morning and did a Jillian Michaels' Last Chance Workout. My workout Diva friend Jane explained that you will always weigh more right after a workout, so I am hoping that explains it. Either way, .4 is nothing to cry over. I just need to keep my attitude up and carry on.

So, how did YOU do? Let me know! Let's support each other!