Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Check In

OK ... let me just say that I broke TWO rules this week. I completely failed on my water intake (especially over the weekend) and I weighed myself on Tuesday.


I am soooooo fired.

But, I really amped up the workouts this week. And it seemed to pay off.

After the weekend, I knew that it was not gonna be pretty and when I weighed on Tuesday AM I was UP THREE POUNDS! YIKES! So I kicked the workouts into high gear and really watched what I ate, but again, totally failed on the water part. I REALLY need to work on getting it all together at the same time!

OK, so after all of that, I weighed this morning - I had lost since Tuesday, but am still up .4 from where I was last week. I am OK with that though because I know what I did wrong and am determined to fix it.

Also, on Thursday I did a MAJOR workout - Slaughter Boot Camp. It's a military style workout with obstacle courses, running with sandbags, up downs and everything. THEN, I got up this morning and did a Jillian Michaels' Last Chance Workout. My workout Diva friend Jane explained that you will always weigh more right after a workout, so I am hoping that explains it. Either way, .4 is nothing to cry over. I just need to keep my attitude up and carry on.

So, how did YOU do? Let me know! Let's support each other!


  1. I'm like you need to get it all together at once. Down 1 but not disappointed. Still need to start Jillians 30 day but with DD and family living here need to find the space! Planning on getting more workout time this week too. I think even with .4 up you're doing a great job girl!

  2. Nothing much to report! I didn't weigh in because I'm trying not to be obsessed with the scale. Sorry if that doesn't jive with the whole Friday weigh in thing, but it can be counter productive for me to weigh in too often.

    Eating was okay--for the most part I made good choices. (Although we did have pizza one day--too many activities going on at night still--ugh.)

    Didn't move my body more than last week. Again, the activities are exhausting me. Hopefully I'll do better this week.

    Goals for this week:

    Portion control and moving my body daily. Trying to get enough sleep.

    That's all :)