Friday, July 23, 2010


I love Friday ... Don't you? I kinda dread it - getting on that scale, but I look forward to it too. And knowing that y'all are out there keeps me going. LOVE that accountability.

Speaking of accountability, do you have someone to keep you accountable? I hope that you do, it is the ONLY thing that has kept me going sometimes. If it were not for Dedra, I would probably have given up long ago. Her texts, phone calls, messages and words of love and encouragement have kept me away from chocolate, gotten me out to run, helped me walk away from the fridge and basically seen me through more times than I can count. LOVE that girl! And then there is my sweet Shauna, if I did not know that she was gonna come walking through my front door every morning, I cannot tell you how many times I would've just turned off the alarm and rolled over. But she comes, I get up and we work out. Oh, yes we do...

So, this week we started week four of the C25K program - we honestly cringed and almost cried when we found out how long we were going to have to run this week. But we agreed to try it ... and we DID it. On day ONE. You should've seen us celebrating and high five-ing right there in the middle of the street! We were so very excited. We've also upped our continuous laps in the pool and are able to get through complete DVD's with no breaks now. It is AMAZING how our bodies are adapting. We marvel at the fact that we have both ALWAYS been consumate avoiders of exercise in ANY form, now here we are, six times a week, out there working our hineys off ... literally.

So, how are YOU doing? How can we help each other get through this? How can we help YOU?

Friday, July 16, 2010

How YOU Doin?

(try to imagine that being said in my very best Joey Tribiani voice)

So, I messed up last week ... again ... and didn't post.

And, really, I was down and hit a HUGE milestone and have absolutely no excuse.

Please forgive me.

This week, however, I am up .3 but I did NOT go so far backwards that I crossed back over that milestone ... nope, still sittin pretty in that new decade of lower numbers.

Whew ... HUGE sigh of relief!

I'm not entirely surprised that I was up a tad this week ... I mean, I DID eat pizza yesterday.

(hangs head in utter and complete shame)

But I have worked out EVERY day this week - twice today! - and have every intention to stick with that.

So, as far as my fitness goals go, I have finished week 3 of the couch-2-5K plan that I am on. YAY! Also, I have been swimming laps a couple times a week. When I started I could do two laps at a time. Tonight I did one set of eight laps and one set of ten. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! And that was on top of a DVD workout that I did this morning.

Who AM I and what happened to the lazy woman that used to live here?!

I dunno, but I like THIS chick aLOT better!

So, how are YOU doing and how can I support YOU?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Check In

Hey Friends!

I am so sorry that I was not able to post last Friday. I was stuck - quite literally - in an airport in Canada. Long story. You can read all about it (told in parts that will equal a continuous story...) HERE.

Anyhoo ... moving on ...

I was on vacation all last week and was so afraid to step on that scale. When I finally did I realized that I had only gained just under three pounds - MUCH better than I was anticipating. I had a heck of a time finding someplace where I could get fresh - or even UNfried - veggies. I tried to eat healthy, but my mom and my hubby kept reminding me that I was on vacation and I could work off anything I gained when I got home.

Sure, easy for THEM to say!

We did, however, walk almost everywhere we went. Which meant, other than the last day sight seeing and the TWO days in the airport at the end of the journey, we walked AT LEAST 6 miles per day. Plus, I even managed to hit the hotel gym. I was pretty proud of myself there!

So, upon learning that I had gained, I set out to be VERY careful with my diet this week ... with moderate success. But I have worked out - ran, walked or did DVD workouts - everyday this week. The shin splints HAVE slowed me down a bit, but I am trying to push through.

Which brings us to this morning. I weighed in at .4 UP from where I was last time I posted ... but then (this may be TMI), after a trip to the restroom, I was DEAD EVEN with where I was last time! And, what IS it with me and .4? Cause last time I checked in I was - yep, you guessed it - .4 up. So, technically, I am STILL .4 up. Which totals just over 32 pounds down total.

And, I can deal with that!

Tomorrow I am going to have my run evaluated so I can get the RIGHT shoes and maybe get past these stupid shin splints and then I can get back on track. I do NOT think I will be ready for the Triathlon that I wanted to do next month, but I WILL do a 5K by the end of the year ... I promise!

So, how did YOU do?