Friday, July 16, 2010

How YOU Doin?

(try to imagine that being said in my very best Joey Tribiani voice)

So, I messed up last week ... again ... and didn't post.

And, really, I was down and hit a HUGE milestone and have absolutely no excuse.

Please forgive me.

This week, however, I am up .3 but I did NOT go so far backwards that I crossed back over that milestone ... nope, still sittin pretty in that new decade of lower numbers.

Whew ... HUGE sigh of relief!

I'm not entirely surprised that I was up a tad this week ... I mean, I DID eat pizza yesterday.

(hangs head in utter and complete shame)

But I have worked out EVERY day this week - twice today! - and have every intention to stick with that.

So, as far as my fitness goals go, I have finished week 3 of the couch-2-5K plan that I am on. YAY! Also, I have been swimming laps a couple times a week. When I started I could do two laps at a time. Tonight I did one set of eight laps and one set of ten. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! And that was on top of a DVD workout that I did this morning.

Who AM I and what happened to the lazy woman that used to live here?!

I dunno, but I like THIS chick aLOT better!

So, how are YOU doing and how can I support YOU?

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  1. I was down last week and up this week and for the past two weeks I rest at a whopping 0. Still doing the 5 days a week 2 brick plan for the tri, and this week my bff have been hitting the gym for a swim, bike, run half tri, except tonight we hit an asian grill and wine bar...hee hee...special occasion...what can I say. We're hitting the trail first thing in the morning though.
    My bff is going to Vegas this week, so I am all alone on the workout frontier, and I can talk myself out of anything, so I just need to stay motivated that's all.
    Hooray for your milestone maintenance! You Rock!!