Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Check In

It's Friday! That was the day most of us agreed to weigh in and sound off. So, how did you do?

I was not excited to weigh in. I honestly felt that I had not done well this week - I was warding off a migraine that was trying to take me down for a couple days and then yesterday was ... well, it was just a bust. SO, I only got one REAL workout in all week. I got mini stuff in and was careful about food and drank more water than I had in WEEKS ... and it paid off. I lost 3 pounds this week, bringing the grand total to 32 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so my goals for this next week are as follows:

*KICK IT in the workout department! I need to just get up and do it!

*Step it up in the water department (although I did MUCH better this week, I still have a long way to go!)

*REALLY step it up in the food department! I'm gonna let you in on a secret and tell you that one of my major goals here is to have healthy food in the house for my HUSBAND to choose from as well as myself. He is having some major back pain lately and I know it's because he has gained some weight lately. (Now, do not get me wrong - I still think he is hot stuff, I just want him around for as long as possible!) I think we BOTH need to surround ourselves with better choices so that those are easier to make than the wrong ones! PLUS, I need to make the choices available for my sweet girls. Teach 'em right early!

OK, so let us know how YOU did and what your goals are!

We are in this together, remember? Let's love, encourage and carry each other through!


  1. I did my first weigh in today so nothing to report there!

    All of the after school activities are killing my food goals--next week will be a little better, then the following weeks will be a piece of cake, so I'm confident I'll get back on track with eating. My personal goals are pretty much all clean eating--fruit, veggies, and lean meats only. (I got a report from the doc that I have high cholesterol--so I've got to eat like this for a while!)

    I'm pretty sure I have to give up all fried food for life--I know it sounds drastic, but since I'm an all or nothing kind of girl it'll probably work out best that way!

    I'm good with water- I love it and it's my main choice of beverage!

    Moving my body has been a challenge these past few weeks--but I'm determined to do at least a half hour a day this week.

    That's all. Love you!

  2. Way to go Becky-Jo! You are over halfway there! Woah! You're halfway there. Wooooah- oah! =D

    I'm not weighing in YET.

    This week I focused on food choices. Trying to get back to all natural, whole foods choices - less or no preservatives, no refined sugar or flour, no white fats, much less salt and dairy. I'll continue with this plan, and going to whole foods store once a week will help.

    Increased water intake but not where it should be. Will work on increasing water this week.

    Exercise - only once. =( My goal will be at least 3 times this week, and increase to 5 the next.

  3. Gained .5 lb :(
    Kicking up the exercise times (have a workout partner now)
    Non-packaged foods

  4. Wow great job Becky Jo!!! My first weigh in was today too. Well I weigh in every day but for this my first weigh in was today. No more weighing in every day. Ok rambling. Blogged about starting to diet again. Did good on water but and no seconds for me at all this week!! Yay small victories huh! lol

  5. Would love to join you goal lose 15 pounds and just be healthier. Started biking pulling all three kiddos this week. Did it twice. 9 miles each day. My goal when school is out is 3 or 4 days. I need to step it up in the water department. Foos is okay, but snacking gets me.