Friday, May 1, 2009

Not a Pretty Sight...

So, yesterday I had an all day study day. (Or, shall I say, I had an all day twitter day with study breaks in between? :) )  I had a final at 6:00PM so I never really had the time to SHRED until I got home from class.  The only problem with that is the family is home in the evening.  So, in order to keep with my personal goals, and not make excuses to skip the SHRED, I just went right ahead and did the dumb thing.  Right in front of my husband.  It wasn't pretty.

Let me just tell you a little about my husband.  While in high school he competed at the national level on a Marine Physical Fitness team.  His team won the national championship.  Paul (my man) ended up winning second place in the nation.  SECOND PLACE IN THE NATION LADIES. Needless to say, his body hasn't changed much since then. (We celebrate our 20 year high school reunion this summer.) I'm not even kidding, he has an amazing body.  He still has a six pack.  He isn't crazy obsessed about fitness, he just likes to be active now, but yeah, he is hot.  In fact, I really don't know why the man would want to even touch me.  Thank God that while Paul has a smokin' body, he didn't fare so well in the eyesight department.  So during those non-clothing-wearing-times, he pretty much can't see the wonder of pale flab that has become his wife!  (Nor can he see that I am in fact a hugh stretch mark, from just above my belly button, to the scar where they cut my kids out of me.) Thank God for small favors!  

Anyway, I sucked it up--my pride that is, and sucked it in--that one would be my tummy, and just did the stupid SHRED. And I lived.  And my husband is a gentleman, because he never even said a word. 

So, if I can do it...YOU CAN TOO!


  1. That made me both want to laug really loud and come over there and smack ya. You are BEAUTIFUL! Inside AND out! So there!

  2. Fabulous men we all have!!! They love us pre-Jillian and they are gonna LOVE us post-Jillian.

  3. Guess what? My man is actually going to do the Shred WITH me tonight! After I told him about how I did three, count them THREE, kinds of crunches yesterday and how I sweated and how sore I am today...he is interested.

    But the thought just occurred to me...

    Yesterday, I screamed at Jillian and the tv the entire time and then shouted for my Lord to come and save me in the midst of the agony...because I was HOME ALONE.

    And frankly, I think the screaming and shouting helped me.

    Is my man going to freak when I start doing that or am I going to have to restrain myself???

    And do I even want my man watch me do jumping jacks and attempt to do push-ups???

    I'll keep you posted...