Monday, May 4, 2009

Observations from Day 6

Hi Y'all! I just thought I would share some observations I have come up with in the midst of my 6 days with Jillian ...

* If the girl doing the "easy" moves is the one with the best body, shouldn't we ALL just stick to the easy moves?

* Jillian is an amazing trainer but, it would seem, not too good in the math department ...

Note to J - A "couple" denotes TWO, so please do not say "a couple more" and then go off on some tangent while we are laboring through a whole heck of a lot more than TWO Static Lunges with Bicep Curls. Thank you very much!

* I have one big problem with the push up section of the workout (other than the fact that on day 2 my weak arms gave out and I ended up kissing the floor!) - I have two children and one husband who likes to eat late night snacks in the family room ... the push ups not only cause much pain in my arms, they also bring me face to face with the fact that I need to vacuum my rug a little more often.

* I USED to vacuum said rug once a day, but since beginning the Shred my arms are too weak to vacuum at all.

* Jillian is an excellent trainer, but, it would seem, a little lacking in the musical appreciation department. Not only did she pick extremely uninspiring music to go with this workout but she. also, cannot keep a beat to said sad music.

* Are Anita's abs for sale?

* Has anyone watched the intro montage closely? Cause I am thinkin it is gonna be a serious long time before I can do that one arm, up on your side, the other had on your head pushup thingy! Not to mention some of the other methods of torture I witnessed Jillian inflicting on those poor girls in the intro!!!

* Is it just me or does anyone else picture Jillian's face during the punches!?

* Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they're gonna fall on their face during the but kicks?

* Is it just me or has anyone else ACTUALLY FALLEN during the calf stretches?

* Is it just me or does anyone else feel foolish and VERY old during the split stretches? VERY un-limber!!!!

* Is it just me or is anyone else COMPLETELY and UTTERLY Blessed to be doing this with the best friends a girl could possibly ask for?

Becky Jo

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